Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reading at school...

My students get annoyed with me when we do our silent reading. Why? Because I go through a book a week in front of them. They think I have super human powers, but I keep trying to tell them I've just had a lot of practice!!

Today I finished "Dussie" by Nancy Springer. The story was generally enticing (the half mortal daughter of one of the Greek Gorgons finds out about her heritage with disastrous results) but the writing seemed sloppy. There were multiple times when I felt like a scene had been cut but references to the scene still remained.

I also recently read "Rules" by Cynthia Lord. This was a sweet book about a young teen dealing with her autistic brother, and I actually get to read it again: one of my classes voted to have me read this book to them as the school year wraps up. I love rereading good books!

I also finally read "The Sisters Grimm" by Michael Buckley. Despite my love of fairy tale mashups, something about the narrative voice didn't ring true. But the Grimm sisters are a pair of kick ass female characters, and I loved the author's reinterpretation of classic fairy tales.

Hmm. Wonder how many books I can read in front of my kids next week? :)

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  1. Oh, how I longingly remember the days when a book a week was glacially slow by my standards.

    I used to get in trouble in school because I would get caught reading books under my desk instead of paying attention.