Wednesday, July 13, 2011

YA Fantasy Reads

I've spent a very productive week reading on the couch (and writing, of course). The two YA fantasy novels that I just wrapped up were a lot of fun.

"Princess of Glass" by Jessica Day George expands on the story of the twelve dancing princesses that she explored in "Princess of the Midnight Ball". Only now, one of the princesses is witness to strange events that have nothing to do with her family's curse: a captivating servant girl seems to have magical assistance as she attends balls and vies for the hand of a visiting prince. This reimagining of Cinderella is elegant, and George captures fairy tale romance perfectly.

Next up was "The Grimm Legacy" by Polly Shulman. This modern fantasy starts out with a mysterious teacher and a lending library in charge of a collection of fairy tale objects. The climax felt a bit rushed, but overall, the story was enticing, the characters were enjoyable, and the book was excellent.

I'm only about halfway through my most recent library pillage, but I may take a break before plunging back in. What can I say, it's hot in the south and I want to be lazy today!

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