Monday, November 14, 2011

Birth of a Novel Blog Chain: First Update

As you all know, November is the month when thousands of people sit down to write. Caffeine flows freely and hopefully, words flow just as freely.

I started the month with one idea, and now at the midway point, I have switched paths. But I wanted to give a quick rundown of each project here, since they are both different for me in a variety of ways.

NaNo Novel 1:
This book is told in the first person, alternating between a modern narrator and historical journal entries in another voice.

I'd call it a paranormal tinged mystery.

I wrote over 20,000 words on this project before inspiration struck. (I blame it on the cold meds this weekend).

NaNo Novel 2:
This book is told in third person limited, something I've not tried since the first year I did NaNo in 2009. After just three days of writing, this novel clocks in at 10,676 words. If I keep up at this pace, I should be able to reach 50k on this project even with my late start.

I'd call this a romance (another big change for me) with paranormal/fantastic elements.

Now, it's tempting for me to combine the word counts and proclaim that I am over 30,000 words already, but I don't want to do that. Novel 1 was becoming a slog, and I've learned over the years that it is okay to abandon a book for an undetermined amount of time. I may come back to it, but right now the story that is demanding to be told is Novel 2, so I will surrender myself to my muse (and reread "Twilight" to learn how to write a teen romance).

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  1. Wow, switching novels in the middle? Your word count is awesome. You are doing so well. Keep it up!

  2. Woot! Good for you. It's hard to switch gears in the middle, but it looks like that was a good choice for you.

    I likes a good romance. Good luck and happy writing!

  3. Great progress! Impressive that you switched! I totally think it's best to go with your gut in nano, otherwise you lose momentum and I guess interest in writing. Or at least I do. Hehehe.


  4. Wow, great word count. Inspiration is a tricky thing. Sometimes it is there for the taking and other times it slips away.
    Great blog.

  5. That is some impressive word count! Well done :)