Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Critique My Blog: Blogfest

Teralyn is hosting this excellent blogfest, and since I've spent so much time tweaking the blog lately, I thought I'd sign up.

Here are her rules for critiquing:
You can make comments on:
a. Appearance: Does it appeal to you? Is it too busy, or too plain?
b. Layout: Is it difficult to navigate? Is it cluttered, or sparse?
c. Frequency: Does the blogger post too often? Not often enough?
d. Content: Are the posts interesting? Unique? Are they focused, or all
over the place?
e. Quality: Are the individual posts too long, too short, too sloppy, or
too generic?

Please post your critiques in the comments to this thread, and be honest: I appreciate your help!


  1. Hello! I'm new to your blog from the critique blogfest, and I'm happy to meet you!

    I love the color scheme of your blog - very easy on the eyes! Your posts seem short and easy to read. The only thing I couldn't find was a "follower" fan box. Otherwise, looks great - I will definitely be back!

    Oh ... but you have a word verification box ... I am not a fan of those. It really slows up the process for people to comment.

  2. You have a beautiful blog here. It's clear and easy to read. The colour scheme is gentle on my eyes. I love the page you have on your inspiration. I think it's a really good idea.

    As Margo says it's challenging to see how to follow you, maybe if you reorder the right hand column so the subsribe box is nearer the top?

    Good luck reading 100 books, I'm aiming for 52, one a week.


    The font for the words 'crafting magic' in the header look a little computerish to me, which I kind of associate as being the opposit of 'magical'.

  3. I love your color scheme. It's soothing, simple, and just nice. Looks like you must have added the follow box? Cause I see it, there it is. LOL

    I love your blog all around. Keep up the good work.

  4. Cute blog and I sometimes talk to my dogs. Your blog is nicely laid out and easy to navigate. You might want to consider moving subscribe to this blog up so that its underneath follow Jen McConnel.

  5. I agree with the color scheme comments. I love these colors. I use some of the same ones on my blog. I haven't gotten a chance to read much of your blog yet so I can't comment on the content but scrolling through it appeared interesting and not too long of posts so that is good. I look forward to getting more time to read your posts.
    I do agree with the dislike of captcha. Many people refuse to comment with blogs that use it. I discovered when my blog was at blogger that if I just didn't allow anonymous comments I really didn't need captcha so I stopped using it. It is a thought but it is a personal preference thing. Some really hate it and some really like it.

  6. I also like the simple, soothing look. My personal grip would be that there are so few tab choices. You don't have an "index", so to speak, to allow someone to explore topics that might interest them. I just randomly clicked a month in your archives and skimmed a few posts until I found one that interested me.

    My overall impression (take it as you will) is that this blog has kind of a journal feel to it. Personal without being too private.

  7. I really like your blog's colour scheme, though sometimes I wonder if the text colour of your posts could be darker. Your navigation bar looks really pretty. I like your mini-bio and picture (Stonehenge!). Not familiar with your posts, but all in all I like your setup here.