Wednesday, April 11, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 30 "Some Assembly Required"

I adore Anne Lamott, so when an online contest gave me the opportunity to win a copy of her newest book, I jumped at the chance. It was only after I finished reading that I realized the book was signed. So. Awesome.

In this memoir, Lamott chronicles the first year of her grandson's life. Her son, Sam, is a young father who rises to the challenge of parenthood with grace and determination. Lamott struggles, as many grandparents do, with finding herself parenting from the sidelines. Luckily, she has many beloved friends and family members around to remind her that she's not Jax's mother, but his grandmother: this is a different role entirely, and one that she comes to embrace as the book closes.

This is a beautiful story told with Lamott's distinctive voice. She interviews her son occasionally throughout the book, gleaning his impressions on parenting, but this memoir is still overwhelmingly Lamott's.

What are you reading this month? I swear, I haven't stopped reading: I've been skipping along through multiple books, and I'll probably have a deluge of reviews to post soon, so bear with me!


  1. I've only read Lamott's Bird by Bird, and really liked it. Have fun reading! :)

    1. You should definitely check out her other stuff: she's delightful!