Thursday, April 12, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 31 "Cleopatra's Moon"

I first became aware of "Cleopatra's Moon" through SCBWI, and I am so glad I finally read it. For those of you who don't know, when I was a child, I was convinced that I a)was the reincarnation of Cleopatra, or b)would be the archaeologist who would one day discover her tomb. I've always been fascinated with the life of Egypt's last pharaoh, but it's only recently that I've stumbled upon the equally fascinating life of her only daughter, Cleopatra Selene.

Told in a clear first person voice, this novel chronicles the fall of Alexandria, including Antony and Cleopatra's famous suicides, through the eyes of the princess. When she and her brothers are taken to Rome by Octavian, they live as pseudo-nobles, pseudo-prisoners for years. Despite tragedy and hardship, Selene struggles to keep what's left of her family together. Her devotion to Isis and her mother's memory offer her strength, but in the end, she realizes that only she can change her future. Vicky Alvear Shecter has a masterful grip of character and setting, and I will certainly look for more from her in the future.

If you like historical fiction, you'll love this. Even if you don't, if you're a fan of YA in general, this novel is a worthwhile read.

Make sure you take a minute to see what the other 100 Books challenge participants have been reading!

What's your favorite era of world history? Have you read any great books set in that time?


  1. Thank you, Jen! I too wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid! And although I love Egypt, Rome captured my imagination early.

    1. Thank YOU for writing such an excellent book! When can we expect the next novel? :)