Friday, June 15, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 50 "Desert Priestess: A Memoir"

I had the opportunity to read this unique book this month, and it's got me yearning to travel to Nevada. In her memoir, Anne Key recounts the three years that she served as the chief priestess at the Temple of Goddess Spirituality. This temple is dedicated to the Egyptian deity Sekhmet, and it sits in truly liminal space.  Just outside of Las Vegas, bordered by a bombing range and a nuclear test facility, Key learned what Sekhmet's myths mean in the modern world.

Dealing with community, leading rituals, and caring for the temple were all an integral part of Key's experience.  She also learned from the land and the native peoples, enriching her sense of personal spirituality.  A myriad of difficulties cropped up, but Key worked through them with patience and a little help from the lion headed lady.

The idea of a thriving goddess temple in modern America seems incongruous, but at the same time, tantalizing.  Key's experience is unique and will appeal to those who crave spiritual memoir and tales of the divine feminine.

Make sure you drop by and support the other 100 Books Challenge participants.  We're halfway through the year: what does your summer reading list look like?


  1. oh man! I want to read this! did you get it from the library or did you buy it? it would be a great book club addition for 2013!

  2. I actually got it as one of my reviews for the magazine. You can borrow it once I type up my "formal" review!