Sunday, June 17, 2012

What I did instead of writing this weekend

This weekend, my hubby and I decided to tackle some long-awaited yard projects.  Last summer, he built a beautiful patio, and this summer we decided it was time to add the path.  We also wanted to address the problem of drainage in one part of the yard by building up flower beds to force the water into a smaller stream.

 Before we started, we mapped out the new beds using garden hoses.  Then, we headed off to Home Depot and spent way too much money on plants.

The results?

 A beautiful flower bed edged in the stones that Matt has been bringing home in the trunk of the car all month (don't even ask!)

The path isn't dug in yet, but he assures me he'll be doing that this week.  It's NC field-stone, purchased from our favorite outdoor store, The Rock Shop.  Half a ton of it, actually.

Love my Hostas!

Welcome to fairy land!

It took most of two days, and by the end of it, I was so thankful to come inside and turn on my computer, but I'm really excited about the back yard.  Three summers in the house and it is really starting to transform into our space!

Now that I've showered and run a few loads of laundry through, I need to find my writing head space again.  Maybe a walk first to clear my head, but I am hoping that a weekend of rampant yard creativity will get my juices flowing when I sit down to write tonight.

What did you do with this beautiful weekend?


  1. Very pretty! Love the view from your patio, which looks like the perfect place to sit and write.

    1. Haven't written out there yet, but it is by far the best seat in the house for reading! :)

  2. Beautiful. I love the path and that it transforms the yard into gardens. After this sort of renewal, I'm sure that your creative writing energy will flow.

    1. Getting back into the grove this week. It helps that now it's too hot to play in the garden!