Thursday, December 13, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 95 TREASON

I had forgotten how much I like the dark, deadly world of Ourea.  After reading Lichgates (the first in this series last year) I filed it away as a series to watch.  With the release of Treason (book 2) this October, I was ready to dive through the lichgate once more.

Kara is becoming more comfortable in her role as the Vagabond, but as soon as she starts to relax and believe in peace (and, just maybe, love), Ourea explodes in chaos and betrayal once more. Although there are a few people she can trust, Braeden fills her heart, but their forbidden relationship may be the undoing of everything they've worked for.

The setting is crisp, the characters are vibrant, and Kara and Braeden are growing ever more real as the story progresses.  Fans of high fantasy will gobble up this fast-paced read and beg for more!

What's the best series you've read lately?

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