Sunday, August 29, 2010

Writing To-Dos

So, since I am feeling overwhelmed by my writing to-dos right now, I thought a list might help:

1. Send 10 pages and a synopsis of my adult novel for the SCWWC: due September 1: done!
2. Review for VOYA: Due September 6: done!
3. Spiritual writing for a gathering: Due September 10: done!
4. Spiritual column pitch for a magazine: due asap, so I'll shoot for September 20: done!
5. Another VOYA review: Due October 7
6. Polish up my adult novel for the conference, just in case: by October 22
7. Finish putting together my YA novel in multi-voiced verse for the conference, just in case: by October 22

I'm going to work on review #1 today and at least get a rough draft, and I need to work on the adult novel to get those 10 pages ready to go in the mail by...tomorrow.

Meghann was right, writing has shifted my focus this year, which is a good thing, but I am still struggling with balance. But the house is now clean and the decks are now stained, so perhaps I can glue my butt to the chair and be productive this afternoon.

The day is still young.

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