Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Some good advice to sort through...

I follow this blog, and I recently took a leap of faith that my writing isn't total crap and sent off a draft of my query letter to be shredded.

This is the novel I am focusing on for the conference in October, and I think the Evil Editor and the comments included will help me to find a more concise and worthwhile focus...

Based on this crappy query, would you want to read this novel? Any suggestions from my lovely readers on how to improve?

I really believe this is woman's fiction before being a mystery, but I guess I didn't convey that well enough in the query. There is the element of mystery, but at the root of it the MC reinvents herself and establishes a more tangible identity than she has at the start.

Clearly, I can't be wounded...please offer any negative or positive feedback on this query!

Thanks, all.


  1. I enjoyed reading the query, dispite the remarks that were made. I love history to begin with and this sounds like a very interesting story.

  2. Came across your blog and I found it intriguing. Best of luck on your journey as a writer.

  3. Jen! You are so brave to have sent your query to this blog! So first of all, I would say, kudos on taking that plunge. I thought that E.E.'s notes, however caustic, are useful, as are some of the comments left in the comments section. I think it sounds like an intriguing story - I would especially be cautious about the similarity to Robin Cook. You will find a way to shape this story in a unique, feminist manner. :)