Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NaNo Day 3

Yesterday I "took a break" for a three hour waste of time shopping trip, and now I'm about to go clean up the kitchen in preparation for company this afternoon.

Getting anything written is like pulling teeth this morning. I'm just not feeling it! Maybe after I clean the kitchen and work out and shower there will be a half hour before my friend comes over for lunch that I can squeeze in some more writing, but...

just not feeling it today.

I do like my rebelliousness: I've been printing my work each night and editing what I did that day, and it seems to be making the story tighter. I know this is not true NaNo philosophy, but after the hell I went through editing my last NaNo novel, I'd rather start the process now.

7,665 words as of now, aiming for at least 8,000 before the day is over. What about you?

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