Saturday, March 12, 2011


I spent some time with my YA WIP today as the result of some brainstorming from earlier in the week. I've decided to add a character, since the protagonist only has parents, goddesses, and a love interest to deal with: she needed a best friend!

I worry that I'm being to magically stereotypical with this novel: the best friend is, essentially, a goth girl, while the love interest is powerful and pledged to white magic. The main character is walking a line that isn't so much between the other two as it is on another sphere of existence. I don't want this to get to be good vs evil = balance, since the main character practices a craft that is neither good nor evil. I like the addition of the best friend, though, and it was easy enough to insert her into a few of the scenes I'd already written. I'm planning to have a hefty dose of betrayal coming, from both the bff and the bf: nothing like teen angst wrapped up in a modern fantasy package!

It's been a beautiful, sunny Saturday. I wish every day could be like this: I feel very grounded, very centered, and very me.

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