Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day!

It's such a strange feeling, knowing that today is, in fact, an extra day. I feel like I should be wildly productive...


I finished a set of revisions on Book 2 this Monday, and for the past two days, I haven't really touched my writing. I feel moderately guilty, but here's my conundrum:

* I am not ready to start Book 3 until I hear back from my agent. Plus, I need some space from the series. I always try to give myself space when I finish a draft of something: this keeps me from growing to hate my work.
* I need to start a book map for the mythic retelling that I am taking to a plot workshop in April, but...that seems like an awfully long time away!
*There are no new ideas banging around in my head, demanding to be set down. There will be, of this I have no doubt, but as of today...nothing.

I still try to write every day, even if I don't reach my thousand words goal when I'm revising, but now that the revisions are done, I don't know where to start. It's easier for me to write when I have the idea for a long-term project, but right now I simply...don't.

And I guess that's OK.

I've done A LOT of writing since shifting my focus last July, and I feel good about the work I am doing. Taking a day or two off may feel like a waste of this perfectly good extra day, but perhaps my mind needs to recover.

There's a stack of excellent YA sitting on my coffee table just waiting for me...maybe that's how I'll spend this Leap Day.

What will you do with the extra 24 hours you've been given? Perhaps you'll enter my first ever giveaway contest?


  1. I ended up watching soccer, haha :)

    I haven't written much either lately. I'm currently revising (and pretty much dismantling and re-writing) the first draft of my novel. Sometimes I bring up the file of the chapter I'm currently working on and I just stare at it in frustration.

    Congratulations on finishing revisions on your book 2 :)

    1. Revising and dismantling is a good thing: you'll be happier when it's done. But I know the feeling...sometimes, it's as if it will never end.

      Thanks! PS: you won!