Saturday, January 14, 2012

100 Books in 2012: Book 6 "Interrupted"

This was my VOYA review book for January. One of the reasons I love reviewing for them is getting advance copies of YA fiction.

Rachel Coker's debut novel deals Allie Everly, a young girl with big dreams. Allie wants to become a writer, but when her mother loses the battle with brain cancer, Allie's life is transformed. It takes her six years to open up to love again, and in that time she grows from an awkward child of the Great Depression to an aloof young lady in World War II. When a boy from her past appears one summer, Allie will have to decide to let love in or guard her heart from pain.

There were some really beautiful moments in this book, but I didn't connect with Allie. Still, it's an impressive first effort by a teen author (Coker is 15).

What are you reading this weekend? You can still sign up for the 100 book challenge here!

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